vesamenu.c32: not a COM32 image

I recently downloaded the Fedora 21 XFCE4 Alpha iso and used the LiveUSB Creator to write the iso to a USB disk. When I tried to boot the USB image I hit an error I haven’t seen before:

vesamenu.c32: not a COM32 image

The quick fix is pretty simple, but not at all obvious: just provide the kernel and arguments manually:

vmlinuz0 initrd=initrd0.img root=live:CDLABEL=LIVE rootfstype=vfat ro quiet  rhgb rd.luks=0 nomodeset

Just type the above in in the “boot:” prompt (all on one line) and it should boot the image to a desktop. Not sure why this happens but it is Alpha.

  1. Cc35359 said:

    Found the same issue in beta live usb. Your method worked there as well.

  2. Steve said:

    Used the latest liveusb-creator-3.12.0-setup and Fedora-Live-Xfce-i686-21-5.iso to create a bootable USB stick … but it gave the same msg as above on two systems … and typing in your recommended command worked … but what a pain that this is happening. Not alpha, not beta, but but but …. THANK YOU because at least I know **what** is actually broken and it is not my old computers. And thank you Google for having indexed this page.

  3. Damien said:

    Many thanks, this worked a treat.

  4. philippelibre said:

    we are in july 2017. I solve the problem by copying the vesamenu.c32 in the syslinux directory of ubuntu. This was done after I loaded the syslinux and installed it onmy computer. The veasamenu.c32 is 155.8ko file made in 2012-01-31. The usb-stick started really and fine.

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